The Back Room

Behind a huge goblin is a dimly lit back room. Shelves can just be made out with odd and exotic goods tucked away on them.

Huge Goblin: "Yeah so bout that back'll need a class G license before I can let you in. Rules is rules. Those is for goblins with a big letter G. 'Goblins'. You know the type who looks out for the other goblins. Helps out in a pinch or keeps the new ones out of trouble and keeps em safe."

Huge Goblin: "Did I lose you there? Let me spell it out. You must do one of the below to get a class G"

  • Contribute to the maker wiki (You will be listed in the outstanding goblins page)
  • Create and share info-graphics / guides / how too documents for indie adult novelty generating at least 5000 impressions
  • Moderate an indie adult novelty forum or channel with at least 250 members
  • Consistently create content (does not have to be NSFW) prominently featuring indie toys that names or links the shop from an account with at least 10k followers
  • Contribute 16 or more pieces of line art to the line art repository
  • Write at least six thoughtfull reviews published to a publically accesible place. More than just I liked it! What did you like? What did you not like? How could the concept for the toy be improved uppon? Did you interact with the maker? Did you contact CS for any reason? How was the unboxing experience? What did you think of their policies page and do they adhere to them?

Huge Goblin: "If you meet one of those criteria then just use the contact page to send an ask to the Bureau of Goblin Licensing and Examinations and in a week or so they will have a fresh goblin license minted for you. If you DON'T meet the requirements then you will have to find a Goblin who does to do your shopping for you."

Huge Goblin: "One more thing, you need to keep out of trouble. Don't go getting banned by a shop, kicked out of a forum, or otherwise create a bunch of drama. That wouldn't be very Goblin of you and I'll rip your license right up."


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