The Back Room

The door frame to the back room creaks from the mass of the shop goblin leaning against it

Huge Goblin: "Look this shop is a bit funny. The shopkeep uses it more for experimenting than for selling stuff. I don't know when its going to be open or closed and more often then not some part of it is on fire. But when it is up and running there's a few rules."

Huge Goblin: "First off a lot of the stuff for sale is for Goblins only. There's a few ways to prove you're a Goblin and none of them involve biting me. If you've proven you're a Goblin you will have G pass and you can show that to get in the back room where the best treasures are kept."

Huge Goblin: "The shopkeep restocks these treasures in what's called a "Drop". Basically every once in a while a bunch of new inventory is added and put up as "COMMING SOON". When its time, the door to the back room is locked for a little while to let the shopkeep get everything ready."

Huge Goblin: "If you have NEVER purchased from the backroom before then you will be let in with the FIRST WAVE. You will get a few minutes of early access and first pick of the cool stuff but please only pick ONE item and check out with it. If you purchase more than one item I will take the second one back. After you check out your G Pass will be updated and you will be put in line for the second wave. (You may have to refresh a few times for the pages to start updating and put you in the second wave)"

Huge Goblin: "If you HAVE purchased before you will be in the second wave. This includes people who just purchased in the first wave. You will be waiting for a few minutes to let the new goblins find some nice stuff and then I will let you rush in for what ever is left over. You are allowed to buy more than one thing in the second wave and you are allowed to buy things in the second wave even if you bought something in the first wave."

Huge Goblin: "You probably want to know how soon you will get your treasure, the answer is NOT SOON. Expect three weeks to get everything packed up and shipped out. I know that seems like a long time but people keep biting me and one thing leads to another and the packages don't get dropped off ok?"

Huge Goblin: "One more thing...Ill take your G Pass and rip it right up if I find out you've been a bad goblin. This includes throwing around slurs and bigoted speech, abusing shops, abusing other goblins, and botting."




Wave 1 - 8:00PM EST

Wave 2 - 8:15PM EST