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Master Build - Full Service

Master Build - Full Service

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**Eligible for Wiki Contributor Discount**

Your design printed, sealed, and fully ready to mold! Intended for makers who want a master that *𝘑𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘞𝘰𝘳𝘬𝘴*.

How to order: **Order link removed, commissions currently closed** Follow the link to the Service Request Center and click through to answer a few simple questions. We need to make sure you understand what you are ordering and get an idea of what the job will look like. You only need to do this once for each order you would like to place. Once we get the form we will contact you to finalize the order.

Want to see what we are working on or where your job is at? Check The Goblin Work Orders


These masters:

-Will not cause inhibition and do not flop molds.
-Do not need to be treated with InhibitX or mold release.
-Are far more durable than painted resin or FDM (ABS/PLA).
-Can be re-polished to repair bumps and scrapes.
-Come with 1 free touch up for fewer screams when you find a blemish or scratch.

Process overview and price breakdown:

1. Your design is pre-flighted and checked for basic issues.
2. Your job is quoted and added to the queue.

2. Your design is manufactured on an SLA printer with sturdy 3mm-4mm thick walls.
3. The completed print is run through an alcohol bath, scrubbed down, and finished with an ultrasonic cleaner.
4. Stage 1 sanding is done on the soft resin to remove major artifacts.
5. 360 degree UV final cure will bring the resin to it's hard final form.
6. Stage 2 sanding is done to remove medium artifacts.
7. Surface is dyed with a UV indicator to reveal small artifacts.
8. Abrasive media blasting is used to neutralize the surface, minimize cure inhibition and to remove all oils and contamination.
9. A 2 part industrial clear coat that chemically bonds into the resin is used to seal and strengthen the surface.
10. Master is finished by wet sanding and buffing to a show gloss or a satin matte surface finish.*
11. Finished master is carefully bagged and shipped to you.

Small Medium Large Xlarge
Up to 140mm / 5.5in Up to 180mm / 7in Up to 230mm / 9in Up to 380mm / 15in


Challenge Rating

All surfaces are easy to get to, convex, and low detail. Some detail or lightly concave surfaces with slight recesses. High details, obscured or hard to reach areas, large flat or highly concave features.

Single solid shape with no overhangs or abrupt changes in cross section.

1 2 4
Single solid shape with light overhangs or moderately abrupt changes in cross section. 2 3 5
Multiple shafts or discontinuous features with overhangs or abrupt changes in cross section. 4 5 6


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