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Hybrid Mold Design

Hybrid Mold Design

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Hybrid molds are cast by clamping a mold shell around a master and filling the space in between with silicone. This is similar to a matrix or cavity mold. Unlike these molds a hybrid mold does not need the mold shell to stay with the mold for it to be used and only one mold shell is needed to produce dozens of individual molds.

Hybrid molds:

  • Stand up on their own
  • Do not require a mold shell to be printed for each mold in use
  • Use 40% less material than a block mold
  • Have much thinner walls making them easier to pull


Most shops do not NEED hybrid mold design. If you are running one or two molds for each size/design combo then hybrid molds are more work to build and maintain. This type of mold tech must be designed specifically for each toy and each mold material used. Design is an iterative process, meaning it will often take two or three tries to find your sweet spot before a final design is locked in. Hybrids are best utilized for shops targeting wholesale where the ability to inexpensively and quickly produce dozens of molds per day outweighs the initial investment.

Setup is $275 per design. Add on sizes are $75 each


How to order: **Order link removed, commissions currently closed** Follow the link to the Service Request Center and click through to answer a few simple questions. We need to make sure you understand what you are ordering and get an idea of what the job will look like. You only need to do this once for each order you would like to place. Once we get the form we will contact you to finalize the order.

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